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The blue ocean market is coming, are you ready?

With the global shortage of electricity, new sources of electricity are becoming indispensable. Our electronic devices and kitchen appliances all need electricity to support them. Electricity is almost ubiquitous in our lives. When there is a power outage, a night out, or a disaster, no power supply becomes the norm. People can’t charge their electronic devices, cook their meals, or even light their homes.

Portable power stations were born out of this situation. When you go camping, hunting, fishing, RVing, etc., take the power station with you, you no longer have to worry about the power supply. When disaster strikes and the power supply is cut off, the portable power station acts as an emergency power source and solves the household electricity problem. The demand for portable power stations is also increasing, and the blue ocean market has emerged. Are you ready to meet the new market.

Key Reasons for Demand Growth

Power outages, camping, expeditions, hunting, outdoor operations, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, and various other disasters cause power outages, these are the key factors that make portable power stations necessary

Power Failure

Outdoor Camping

Outdoor Work

Frequent Disasters

Why choose Towo Power

Rich experience, with its own R&D team to meet customer OEM&ODM needs

Stable and reliable

Towo power have rich experience in OEM and ODM service of mobile power station. At present, we provide services for more than 50 brands around the world, from design to production one-stop service, so you can save your mind and effort.

Price concessions

Towo power strictly control the quality of our products and control most of the raw materials by ourselves. While ensuring the quality, we also reduce the price and cost, and give our customers a better price than the market.

R & D innovation

Towo power will not stay where it is. We are always innovating and evolving, updating and iterating our products to ensure that sooosmart's customers remain at the forefront of the industry in their markets.

Part I: Before you become a Towo power distributor

First of all, you must know something about the Towo power brand. Quality is the heart of Towo power, Be Top Technology is the goal of Towo power, “We just want to make some top new products with quality” is the motto of Towo power’s life

Who can become a Towo power distributor.

1、People who have relevant electronic, energy and working experience.

2、People who have certain capital and certain sales channels.

3、People who are willing to develop the market together with Towo power.

PS: Dealer audit process

We will review whether you are suitable to be a Towo power distributor from a fair and transparent perspective. We will evaluate from the following aspects.

1、Electronics and energy related market position, market volume, competitors, sales level, etc. in your country and region.
2、Whether there are already Towo Power distributors in your country and region.
3、Do you have enough confidence to become a Towo Power distributor.

Part II: After becoming a Towo Powerdistributor

Once Towo Power has signed a distribution agreement with a distributor, Towo Power will treat the distributor as its own sales team and try its best to assist the distributor in product training, marketing training, after-sales service and to assist the distributor in obtaining the incentives provided by Towo Power. Who can become a Towo Power dealer: 1. Those who have relevant experience in electronics, energy and work. 2. Those who have certain capital and certain sales channels. 3. Those who are willing to develop the market together with Towo Power. ps: dealer review process We will review your suitability to become a Towo Power dealer from a fair and transparent perspective. We will evaluate from the following aspects. 1. the market position, market volume, competitors, sales level of electronics and lighting in your country and region. 2. whether there are already Towo Power dealers in your country and region. 3. whether you have enough confidence to become a Towo Power dealer.

Product training and after-sales service

1、After signing the dealer agreement, Towo Powerwill provide complete marketing materials, such as product videos and pictures, to assist dealers to understand the products as soon as possible.

2、After the dealer places an order, Towo Power will send out certain accessories.

3、After the product’s accessories are updated, you will be notified and sent to you for replacement at the first time.                 

4、Towo Power’s after-sales team and engineers will compile the after-sales operation guide of the product and provide maintenance and after-sales service for the dealers at any time.

Marketing and sales support services

Chinese factories, especially electric scooter product factories, cannot provide marketing and sales support for dealers. However, Towo Power will provide dealers with marketing strategies, marketing materials and other services needed for marketing, including the following

1、Official website design. Professional official website design, according to the characteristics of the local market, to produce the official website for dealers in line with the local market.

2、Marketing materials. Towo Power will analyze the hobby elements of the local market and compile product pictures, poster designs, videos, etc. that meet the local market demand, and send them to dealers together to assist them in marketing.

3、Google promotion fund support. Towo Power will arrange fixed promotion fund every month to help dealers to promote on local Towo Power official website and assist dealers to promote their brand.

4、Digital marketing. Towo Power’s international marketing team will assist dealers to develop personalized marketing strategies and promotion plans.

Part III: Benefits for Towo Power Distributors

Become a Towo Power distributor and gain more wealth

1, Development prospects. From Google’s data and data from various platforms, Led solar lights are now popular in the United States and European countries, the sales data of these countries have proved that the industry is healthy and the market outlook shows a very good trend.

2, Energy storage power for outdoor and household scenarios. In the case of protecting the environment, people in many countries have started green energy plans, and countries have corresponding subsidies for green energy, and more and more people think that energy storage power is one of the most promising industries in recent years.

3, Towo Power’s product line is a wide range of responsibility quality professional, we focus on research and development and production of high standard personalized products and low price competitive products in the global market, Towo Power products not only provide you with good price, also have good after-sales service do a competition, we also provide complete solutions to your project of light and electronic stuff, our professional engineers and design team to support you as your group. Our products have passed many market certifications and have over 40 patented technologies. One of the few energy manufacturers with a “quality first” product spirit.

4、Towo Power’s product line includes portable energy storage power supplies, batteries, ev chargers, ev charger gun, solar generator, with a wide range of products to meet the needs of each market.

5、Towo Power is one of the very few companies that will provide marketing support to distributors. In making marketing strategies, posters, pictures, video marketing tools, etc., we provide comprehensive help for dealers’ social media marketing such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., so that dealers can have lower operating costs and higher profits.

6、Towo Power has developed a perfect incentive mechanism for dealers, mainly from the videos and photos provided by dealers as a reward condition, to create more profit margin for dealers.